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Uralit Priesthood

Uralit prize subtlety and nuance, seeing it as one of the many ways they evince superiority over the “lesser” tribes and peoples around them.  They are intensely aware of status, hierarchy, and honor, although that last attribute can mean wildly different things to different Uralit.

The three most important gods to them are:

Tezcatli: Goddess of the Night Sky, “Night Mother/Dread Mother”.  Anything under the stars is within Her purview.  Thus, criminals, assassins, and so on will almost always attempt to propitiate Her before undertaking their various endeavors, lest the Sky-mother see what they are doing (which is certain) and become displeased that Her blessing was not first sought.  If an assassination fails, it is often taken as a sign of divine displeasure.
Favored Stone: Obsidian

Tlaloc: God of the Rain and Waters.  “Bringer of life.”  Critical for an agriculture-based society for obvious reasons.
Favored Stone: Turquoise

Coatl = God of Wind, the Arts, and Learning.   “Lord of the Dawn Star”.  The only god in the Uralit pantheon to have been born from a mortal woman; she is usually said to have been named Nenetl.
Favored Stone:  Jade

The underworld is referred to as Mictlan.  This can also indicate a depressed or excessively-introspective state of mind. 

The priesthood, which includes both men and women, exerts considerable power and influence on and over the (theoretically) hereditary rulership.

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