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Juramentum Timeline

The Battle of the Bloody Shore and the founding of Juramentum. This occurs with Great Lady Vipsania Drusa Merulla Zosh (19) and Lord Titus Cornelius Glabrio Vorn (29), along with the critical aid of Granny Touchgem and some 400 Kithgi clanmates. 81 of the original 207 that set out with the Lord and Lady from Fang Prime survive and settle on the southern shore of what will become Lake Saleesh’kela along with the Touchgems, who decide to make this their new home.

Construction of House Vorn’s keep, with Lake Saleesh’kela to the north and the mighty Kogi river to the east, commences. The Kuwind tribe’s birch bark and kalan fruit tar proves invaluable in this endeavor, possessing an adhesive strength heretofore unknown to those from the Old Empire and thus both improving structural integrity and speeding construcution.

Julius Metellus (first son) born to Vipsania Drusa and Titus Cornelius (“Titus Invictus”). First full walls around the town’s original boundaries completed. Liberal applications of birch bark + kalan fruit tar reinforce key points.

Construction of House Vorn’s keep completed.

Falco Cimber Glabrio Vorn (future father to Titus Metellus and Livia Metella) born to Vipsania Drusa and Titus Cornelius.

As some of the first generation of children begin to reach their eighth and ninth winter, Titus Cornelius forms the Myrmidon Corps, commencing training of selected boys as future warriors and thereby planting the seeds for Juramentum’s defense after he is gone.

The Kuwind tribe formally joins Juramentum, combining with the rest of the townships citizens in common cause. Continuous Utini tribe assaults as well as other factions of B’gar waging war on them had driven their numbers dangerously low.

Julius Metellus is killed during the largest and most violent Utini tribe raid since the Battle of the Bloody Shore. His heroic last stand enables over one hundred Kuwind women and children to successfully flee the maurading horde, thus forever binding the entirety of the Kuwind tribe with Juramentum. The entire township goes into mourning for its favorite son.

Falco Cimber marries Portia, a child of one of the original Fang Prime expatriates. She is a plebian.

Titus Metellus and Livia Metella born.

Figulus Gnaeus takes up residence just outside Juramentum’s walls. He does not entertain visitors.

After the harshest winter in Juramentum’s history, several infants die. The hue and cry from its citizens spurs Lord Titus Cornelius into action. He launches a city-wide project, bolstering all huts and adding closable shutters to each and every one. He also mandates that any built in the future be up to such a standard. The Lord personally works on many huts despite his advancing years; inspired by this, by the end of the year, just before winter, every last hut in the town has been upgraded.

Figulus Gnaeus’ behavior changes somewhat for unknown reasons. Titus Cornelius goes out to see him from time to time.

Falco Cimber is murdered. Shortly thereafter Lady Portia hurls herself from the rooftop of the keep under murky circumstances. Despite a lengthy investigation, Lord Falco’s killer is never found.

Utini activity levels rise. Raid frequency and the sheer boldness of their attacks hasn’t been matched in nearly 35 winters. Murmurs of discontent and alarm spread throughout the Juramentum homesteaders.

The present day. Danger abounds, and the uncanny is in the air…

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