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Lights of Quaylition

The primary religion of the Grayden Empire. Each “light” represents an aspect of Quaylithon and how he manifests on this plane. Though it is most common to follow a single light, some elect to pursue and embody multiple virtues. Each denomination is denoted by the symbol of a candle made of a specific material. These tokens are enormously significant to the faithful.


  • The Primes believe there are 10 Lights of Quaylithon, and that death is the end of one’s existence on this earth.
  • The Sojourners believe there are 11 Lights of Quaylithon, and in the concept of being “born anew” and experiencing many lives (reincarnated, although that word does not exist in Terra as of AUC 2,776)
  • His Eyes hold there are 12 Lights of Quaylithon, and that the other two sects are in defiance of “His Radiance”.

As Campaign One Commences (2,776 AUC):  

1st Light = Birth (Kalan-bloom candle; must be periodically remade)

2nd Light = Youth/Growth (Maiden’s Favor candle; must be periodically remade)

3rd Light = Wisdom (Silver candle)

4th Light = Prosperity (Gold candle)

5th Light = War (Iron candle)

6th Light = Love (Ruby candle)

7th Light = Hearth and Home (Cotton candle)

8th Light = Physical Purification (Quartz candle)

9th Light = Aging/Death/Loss (Obsidian candle)

10th Light = Spiritual Purification (Amethyst candle) 

11th Light = Rebirth (Kalan-bloom candle; must be periodically remade.  Easily confused with the 1st Light.)

12th Light = Subservience (Wooden eye)

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