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Brother Adrian

Brother Adrian of Leptis Regium – Thoughtful and enormously well-read, Adrian owes his education and his opportunities to the Church of Light, specifically that part of it based within the metropolis of Leptis Regium.  Apparently of far more import to the brilliant youth, however, is his uncanny connection to Catryn, one that began for him at the age of eight winters.  Gifted artistically as well as intellectually, Adrian compiled a great book of every scene he ever “saw” of what he believed to be a girl (and then a young woman) he had simply made up, no matter how desperate he was to find her in reality. 

When he did, in fact, at least meet the genius Will-worker in the flesh, he was absolutely stunned.  Summoning the courage to approach her, Adrian was rebuffed, and Catryn was both angered and humiliated by the reaction of her fellow Chosen at the time.  He eventually won her over to an extent by gifting her the magnum opus of his short career, a reconstruction of the dead language of the Nau’sekkan, once the mortal enemies of the Empire.  Although Catryn sought him out after studying this remarkable present, the young priest has already departed Juramentum, assuming the object of his life-long affection wanted nothing more to do with him.

Height: 5’9”

Weight: 150 lbs.

Hair: Blonde

Eyes:  Gray (often described as “soulful”)

Religion:  Follows the 3rd Light – Wisdom – in the Prime denomination

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