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Lady Livia Vorn

Lady Livia Metella Glabria Vorn – This latest Lady of Juramentum and of her ancient House Vorn is swiftly becoming known to her people as a steady, just counterpart to her more fiery-tempered twin brother.  While he now heads the military of the burgeoning city, Livia acts as its civilian administrator, continually seeking to emulate the heaven-high standards of her deceased granddame, Great Lady Vipsania Drusa Merulla Zosh.  Catryn acts as her official Advisor, lending her genius and arcane knowledge to the betterment of Juramentum’s functioning.

In rare, quiet moments, a deep pain might be spied behind the young Lady’s eyes.  She remains silent on its source, however; evidently, there are places within her soul even Titus is not taken…

Height: 6’0”

Weight: 200 lbs.

Hair: Auburn

Eyes:  Green Religion:  Follows the 3rd Light – Wisdom – in the Prime denomination

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