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Juramentum Social Hierarchy

Top 10 Highest Status People in Juramentum (beginning of AUC 2,776)

  1. Lord Titus Cornelius Glabrio Vorn / “Titus Invictus”

The unquestioned Lord of Juramentum, Titus Invictus epitomizes the saying “Beware the old man in a profession where men die young.”  In his prime, no man and no known creature could trade blows with him and come out the victor. Now in his 77th winter, Time is sure to accomplish what no foe could in his long and storied career. Hand-in-fist with his remarkable wife, Great Lady Vipsania, he founded Juramentum.

Notable Quote:  “Juramentum is the dream.  And the dream is good.”

  1. Lord Titus Metellus Glabrio Vorn (PC)

The sole surviving male heir, young Titus carries both an awesome legacy and crushing burden on his solid shoulders. The people of Juramentum nigh-universally recognize him as “their” Lord, although some of the more entrenched members of the community might find alarm in his loose-handed and even careless ways.

Notable Quote:  “Conquest is the venom of Man. I will not have it poison my blood, nor my name.”

  1. Lady Livia Metella Glabria Vorn 

The brilliant twin sister to Titus Metellus, Livia Metella seems set to follow in her granddame’s footsteps. She takes her position as de facto administrator and chief bureaucrat of Juramentum in deadly earnest; candlelight from the window of her study oft spills from the Vorn Keep long into the night.  Physically, both twins took after their Vorn heritage – Livia stands a full 6’ tall, moves with an easy grace, and navigates life with an impeccable carriage.

Notable Quote:  “What did Granddame do in this situation?  I need to find that answer in her journals…”


NOTE:  All characters below this line are plebians – not of patrician blood.  Short of marriage, and sometimes not even then, there is nothing they can do to bypass this fact.

  1. Rutilius ap Vorn, Seneschal of Juramentum

The lifelong advisor and seneschal for Titus Invictus, Rutilius would die for his House without a second thought. He’s seen it all, survived it all, and without the superhuman prowess of his liege nor the nigh-preternatural intellect of his lord’s deceased wife. Somewhat conservative by nature, he has indeed struggled with many of the profound changes his lord and lady have and had enacted in this upstart colony that has now blossomed into a small, thriving city. Nearly of an age with Titus Invictus, Rutilius fears for the future of Juramentum, and for the legacy of the man he loves above all else.

Notable Quote:  “With respect, domine, dreams inspire us.  But walls only get built when we’re awake.”

  1. Granny Touchgem

The iconic granny of the Touchgem clan, this redoubtable figure is now said to have seen her two-hundredth winter come and go. While some doubt this fantastical claim, no one doubts the esteem the kithgi of Juramentum, and indeed most of the city, hold her in. Powerful even by granny standards, her most consistent contribution is her vast storehouse of knowledge and wisdom that she freely shares to those who care to listen.

Notable Quote:  “Lance the boil, speak with him truly.  Or don’t.  The choice is yours.”

  1. Granny Dewshine

A mere 140 winters, Granny Dewshine is a sprightly figure compared to her Touchgem counterpart. She can often be found in the Healing Hall, or else teaching both kithgi and humans about the rich variety of herbs and animals to be found in and around Juramentum. Quick of wit and of laughter both, Granny Dewshine exemplifies her clan’s nature. She is the unquestioned authority on healing and brewing within the city, surpassing even Granny Touchgem’s knowledge in this regard.

Notable Quote:  “Sweet or bitter, the medicine heals either way.”

  1. Antonius ap Vorn, Legate of the Myrmidons

Young for his position, Antonius undertook a lifeoath to House Vorn long before he took the position of Legate of Juramentum. He holds the highest military office a commoner can, and is keenly aware of the responsibility incumbent in it. Possessed of a wry gallow’s humor, the Legate goes about the job of ensuring the city’s survival with competence wed to considerable determination. During his tenure he has emphasized organization and speed of readiness.  Antonius has neither wife nor children, and doesn’t look keen to acquire either.

Notable Quote:  “A storm’s coming either way, domine. Better we face it now than wait for it to gather strength.”

  1. Finni Touchgem (the Elder; of the Old Power), Centurion, 3rd Century

Finni Touchgem was a kitling of a mere 13 winters when he fought in the Battle of the Bloody Shore. The Old Power came flowing into him during that desperate struggle, filling his already stout limbs with a preternatural strength and resilience.  Although a Touchgem by name, many of his ancestors hail from the Deeperferns, the most martial of the kithgi clans.  Unusually solemn by kithgi standards, Finni remains a formidable warrior and lynchpin to the city’s defense at 62 winters, as well as an inspirational figure to the other kithgi within the Myrmidon.

Notable Quote:  “[To other kithgi with the Old Power] The Great Mother has granted us the power to protect our people. And so we will.”

  1. Adsilo, Centurion, 1st Century

Some would consider the quiet, intellectual Adsilo an odd fit for head of the first Century of the Myrmidons. However, his extensive knowledge of history and equal love of philosophy combine to give him an unusually-broad perspective on discharging his duties. When not leading the first Century with excellence, Adsilo can often be found playing Izdari along the banks of the northernmost inner river, taking all comers.

Notable Quote:  “Our forebears walked through the Hells so we could be born here. Now we must continue on the trail to our future.”

  1. Philodemus, Hugely Prosperous Wool-Merchant and Man of Business

Juramentum’s wealthiest and most controversial merchant, Philodemus doesn’t shy away from throwing his considerable weight around. Through a mixture of cunning, business acumen, and right-place-right-time, the Macarian-Isle-born wool merchant is going about the task of building himself a financial empire. Not only does he dominate the wool market in Juramentum (or at least what is officially traded; most wool is still simply spun at home), he has another thriving business:  Hugin’s Haberdashery, run by a truly unusual kithgi. His appetite knows no limits, and delights in the influx of wealth and opportunity now flowing into Juramentum.

Notable Quote:  “Everyone has needs, domina.  I just happen to be exceptionally good at filling them.”

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