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The Four Families

Often referred to as “The Four”, the following Houses stand at the apogee of the Old Empire’s social hierarchy.

In times past, there were as many as thirty of the Famous Families.  However, over the long millenia, these various Houses eventually fell, were driven away, or were absorbed by their more potent or cunning brethren.

House Vorn

Warriors and strategists.  Typically serve as officers in the legions, and if they survive long enough almost always become Legates.  Family members of this House are noted for their oft-large and powerful builds.

Military Force: The Griffons (in-House); most Vorn would have access to the legions proper depending on rank and precise familial placement.

Sigil:  As above, a griffon.  Unlike the typical depiction, however, this griffon is in full flight, rending an enemy with its claws as it roars in bloodlust.

House Colors:  Red (crimson) and gold.

House Zosh

Sages and vintners.  House Zosh is responsible for many of the alchemical advances of earlier eras.  Zosh tend to be known as quite cerebral, regularly producing notable scholars.

Military Force: The Falcons 

Sigil:  An open tome amongst bunches of plump, hanging grapes (old); a silver falcon in full flight (current).

House Colors:  Purple and silver.

House Vale

Artists, socialites, and sybarites.  Easily the most creative of the extant Houses, they tend to be either adored or feared/hated by the plebians.

Military Force:  None

Sigil:  A woman singing, with waves of force coming from her voice toward the viewer.  Her hair floats in preternatural defiance of all sense, forming a near-corona around her; her dress likewise bobs with impossible weightlessness. 

House Colors:  Green and white.

House Torinix

Slavers and exotic breeders.

Military Force:  The Wyverns (mostly geared toward and used for capturing/recapturing slaves)

Sigil:  A gauntleted hand holding a whip, with a muzzle dangling from it.

House Colors:  Red and black.

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