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The Lagasi

In Alga, the language spoken by the Lagasi, the name for their home translates to “Haven”.  Throughout their long history the truth of this word has been proven time and time again.  They have the distinction of remaining the only nation that has defended itself from the aggression of the Graydus Empire and ultimately triumphed.  To the current day they remain wholly independent, and the undisputed masters of navigation and sea-craft.  Lagas, their large home island, sits somewhat off the southwestern shore of the Old Empire.

Amongst the Lagasi people, a rare and prized talent occasionally manifests itself:  windcalling.  Windcallers are an essential element of the Lagasi navy, and certainly a key factor in their successful resistance to outside invasion.  Those with this vital ability are able to “call” into the wind, typically via spirited singing.  Depending on the strength and experience of the Windcaller, this may range in effect from a light breeze to gale-force winds.  Indeed, a well-harmonized “chorus” of Windcallers has been recorded summoning and sustaining a typhoon of sufficient strength to deflect and largely destroy an entire invading armada.

In times of peace, many Lagasi have no interest in leaving their homeland, with its fertile soil, abundant rainfall, and lack of civil wars.  Much of the island doesn’t even use currency, as barter and an almost kithgi-esque approach to communal living predominate.  The Lagasi that do leave, however, tend toward extreme skill as sailors and navigators, and occasionally traders as well.

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