Darkeport Community Memberships

Greetings Friends!

We are proud to announce the launch of Darkeport Community Memberships!  Whether you prefer to be involved in live-stream chat, enjoy custom soundtrack music, or appreciate fantasy artwork, our community memberships have something for you!  

To ensure you have the best membership experience we have decided to launch both Darkeport YouTube Channel Memberships, to shower our live steam fans with in-chat perks and exclusive YouTube content, as well as a Darkeport Kofi site, to establish a strong central community that offers benefits beyond video content.  So with that let’s get into the details!


YouTube Darkeport Channel Membership

You can become a Darkeport channel member by clicking on the join link here! By becoming a  member, you get the following benefits and perks:

  • Supporting The Darkeport Troupe: Your support allows us to continue creating great art and story!
  • Channel Badges: There are eight different badges, and each one highlights how long you have been a community channel member.
  • Custom Emojies: You will gain access to one or more exclusive custom emojis that can be sent via YouTube in video comments. It can also be sent in any of your live chats. 
  • Public Recognition: Your avatar will be featured on Darkeport’ s Channel. Featured members are randomly selected and will change often to give more members the chance to shine. You also will be recognized as a community member during the intermission of our show streams.
  • Gifting Memberships:  Support Darkeport by gifting memberships to others you want to join the community!
  • Eligible For Discount Offers and Future Giveaways: We will be offering discounts and giveaways throughout the year in the Darkeport Community Discord channel.


Darkeport Kofi Creator Community Site

Kofi is a creator community platform that allows you to discover, browse, and follow creator pages. Head over and check out Darkeport’ s Kofi site.

 Once there you can…

  • Browse and Shop Anonymously:  Look around, check out Darkeport’s creator page, and support the troupe anonymously by making either a one-time donation, purchasing a digital product, becoming an Art Lover member, or just leaving a supporting comment!
  • Create a Kofi Account:  At any point in time you can create a Kofi account. This allows you to discover, browse, and follow artist community pages (including Darkeport) as well as save your profile information.


Merchandise Shop

Access Darkeport’s Kofi shop and browse all of our cool original digital products. From epic artwork to original soundtracks! The shop will frequently be updated with new original illustrative art, music, and other products that may interest you. You can shop anonymously or logged in with your Kofi account.

Darkeport Art Lover Membership

 By becoming a Darkeport Art Lover, you get the following benefits and perks:

  • Exclusive Early Access: Get early access (at least 30 days) to our special edition artwork series before anyone else!
  • Unique High-Quality Digital Prints: Download high-quality digital prints of the thumbnails created each month that capture a critical scene or iconic moment within the Darkeport Universe. These are available as “free downloads” on Darkeport’s Kofi shop.
  • 40% off Digital Prints: This membership provides a significant discount compared to purchasing the digital artwork downloads individually on Darkeport’s Kofi shop.
  • Monthly Artwork Refresh: Each month, we will rotate out the artwork you can download with new artwork. Digital artwork prints from the previous month(s) will be available individually in the Kofi shop or as full canvas prints through Darkeport’s Merchandise Shop on the official website.
  • Public Recognition: Have all your support/purchases shouted out during live streams and/or on social media! Please note we ask that you choose an appropriate display name when you create a Kofi Account. Darkeport reserves the right to refuse shouting out or promote inappropriate display names.
  • New Perks and Benefits: Stay up to date on any changes or additions we make to memberships. You can choose to opt-out or personalize your notification preferences.
  • Eligible For Discount Offers and Future Giveaways: We will be offering discounts and giveaways throughout the year in the member-only  Darkeport’s Community Discord channel.
  • Supporting The Darkeport Troupe: Your support allows us to continue creating great art and story.


We have put together a Community Member FAQ to answer common questions about Darkeport’s Community Memberships.  We will continue to add to the FAQ over time. 

You can also contact us at phoenix@darkeport.com  if you have any additional questions.

So with this, we hope you find the launch of Darkeport’s Community Membership as exciting as we do!  We look forward to you taking this journey with us and appreciate any support you wish to give.


– The Darkeport Troupe


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